Rig Racks

Rack and Awning System

Racks and Awning Systems



Looks Good and Performs Better

Our racks are all custom made for each vehicle, creating a look like the rack belongs there.  We are not fans of cookie cutter racks adapted to fit and stick 6 inches above the roof line and hang over the edges.  We feel racks should be as low profile as function permits and compliment the lines of the vehicle. With that, you will have a good looking rack that will have less wind resistance therefore, saving you money.  


Built for you

With each rack being fabricated custom we can come up with and add accessories, attachments, brackets, whatever it takes to help you do your thing.  These could be things like kayak cradles, surf racks, area flood lights, solar panels, if you have an idea we could probably make it happen. 


Outdoor Living Space

Rig Racks most unique feature is the simple yet burly canopy system that creates a comfortable outdoor living space in just a few minutes. There are no legs to get in your way and it can withstand just about anything less than a hurricane. These canopies are made from the best marine-grade canopy fabric you can get, resistant to water, mildew and UV-rays, providing protection from the elements for a long, long time. These canopy systems are more than just shade, when the weather turns, the wind picks up and the rain starts coming down, most people have to pack up and go crawl inside. With a Rig Racks canopy, you get protection from all the elements with no worries. Leave it up all night, the canopy keeps the moisture off you and your gear, so when you wake up everything is nice and dry.


Contact us if you have any questions or would like to order one.