Rig Racks



 I know our name suggests we do mostly racks but these days we actually do more interior build outs that anything.  We can help you with a full conversion or with just some items or modifications that will help make your rig more comfortable.  The difference between us from the others is we custom fabricate everything for each van. This way the end result is a product you were part of and that is built exactly for your needs and has the style and appearance that you want. 


A Customized Space

Your rig should be a finely-tuned system that helps you do what you do. Together we can create a design and come up with the perfect setup for your vehicle and your needs.   



Function is our first priority but we enjoy creating a continuous style throughout the space as well, whether it be modern, cabin, craftsman, or rustic.  It will look good and work even better.  


Common Modifications

  • Roof vents/fans

  • Espar diesel heaters

  • Insulation

  • Flooring

  • Swivel seats

  • LED Lighting

  • Wall and roof paneling

  • Curtians

  • Solar panels

  • Auxiliary batteries

  • Battery isolation

  • Inverters

One of a Kind Options

The products we make are not something you can get anywhere else.  There are a few of our products that seem to work perfectly for a lot of clients.  Here are a few we designed that are popular:

Over-Head Storage Compartment

The first thing people say when they see this is "it looks like it was always supposed to be there".  We build our storage compartment quite a bit different from others you may have seen.  First big difference is we remove the factory headliner from that area increasing the space inside by about two uncompressed pillows.  We also add an interior light and two LED map lights (dual-color: red/white) above the driver and passenger.  You also have the option of adding a really convenient curtain,  perfect for urban stealth camping or more privacy.  This unit is very strong and is able to hold at least a 150 pounds.         

Large Pull-out Drawer/Cooking Area

Completely custom design for each setup, these drawers are super nice whether your packing it full of gear, food or both.  These drawers really help keep things organized in your small space, while also allowing for quick, easy access.   We can add drawers, dividers, pull-out tables, whatever you need to make it into an area to get things done .  These custom drawers are on 500 lb rated drawer glides so they are ready to be loaded down. The heavy duty latch is lockable and shuts strong like a meat locker.  

Interior Surf Racks

Simple and strong.  Very easy setup allowing you to cinch up your boards securely to ceiling of your van or truck.  Able to store two short boards on each side. Options available to be able to do 2 longboards(w/fins), on each side. Can also build and install ceiling pads.  Learn more here.  


If your interested in chatting about what your rig could look like, send us message.