Rig Racks




At Rig Racks we aim to build custom campers with your vision in mind. We pride ourselves on building rigs that are low profile yet practical. We envision what you’ll need for any destination and make sure we build to those specifications so that you can travel in comfort with all the essentials.

Rig Racks is the product of a cabinetmaker's long time hobby that ended up developing into a business.  Greg Stahl, the owner, built out his first truck in 1999 for the purpose of camping and exploring the far removed sections of the Baja coastline.  With each trip his Baja rig continued to be modified for longer and longer trips, until it was evident that it was time to start fresh, build a better one, and then again, build a third one. With the builds getting more and more ambitious, more time was being spent building them, then using them.  This was all done in his spare time while working, building cabinets and custom furniture. He was continuously refining his skills, knowledge and experience both on and off the clock for more than a decade.

In 2012 a friend asked Greg if he would build a custom rack for his new Sprinter, which then led to an interior build-out, and suddenly he was receiving multiple requests from other van enthusiasts.  Within a few months he had a wait list.  In early 2016 he took a leap, quit his day job, and started doing custom fabrication for vans and trucks full time. 

These days the Stahl family still takes off in the Baja rig to get as far away as possible, whenever possible.  With two kids and a dog, a new level of efficient design emerged.  This new element has lead to some new products and a greater understanding of what a family camper needs to be.